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Nov 13, 2020 • 40h Hackathon

Countdown to the Climathon

What is climathon about?

We want to not just talk about sustainability but try to see what technology can do to fight climate change. That is why Hackerstolz and the City of Mannheim are hosting the Climathon. The Climathon is an over regional initiative by the Climate-KIC from EIT that take place in hundreds of cities all over the world. Become part of it! For 40 hours you have the opportunity to develop prototypes for digital solutions together in a team. We provide you with public and non-public environmental data as well as data from the economy, with which you can develop innovative green solutions.

Throughout the entire hackathon, you will be supported by a team of experts who will help you develop your ideas.


Here you find a list of all challenges. Why is this important? At the Climathon you have to decide as a team for ONE CHALLENGE on which you want to work and at the end submit your solution. Only in a few exceptions where it makes sense, a solution for two challenges can be offered.

Technologies & Data

Here you find a list of technologies and data sets which will be provide. Have fun!


1x Climate Grant

1st Place

2.500 €

The project best evaluated by the jury win a project grant with which the team can turn its idea into reality. More details will be defined and announced.

1 Year Accelerator Award

For one team with founding intention


Free participation in the S-HUB Accelerator Program with an individual start of about 1 year of systematic and intensive support from the idea to the foundation. Prerequisite is a desired foundation as a team in Mannheim, the seriousness behind the foundation wish should be high and all participants must have a certain degree of common welfare and environmental sensitivity.

The S-HUB Mannheim is the founding center in #Mannheim for Social Entre- & Intrapreneurship. ✨](https://mail.google.com/mail/e/2728)! 🚀](https://mail.google.com/mail/e/1f680) By Coworking surface, regular formats for the Community and individual Sparring for social and culture-innovative founders* inside the S-HUB is the home for Changemaker* inside in the Rhine Neckar region.

Further interesting Awards

will be announced soon

Be excited ;)

The rules according to which the jury evaluates the teams are callable at the prizes which require an evaluation. Not the main jury but the representatives of the S-HUB Team Mannheim are responsible for selecting the winner of the accelerator program. All requirements for your project and your team are listed in the FAQ section. If you still have questions contact us simply.


Event Language

The event language is German. This means the talks (unless otherwise marked) and the moderation are in German. However, we welcome all nationalities, languages and dialects. If you have any questions or don't understand something, the whole organizing team will be happy to help you in English. You also have the freedom to decide if you want to pitch in English or German.



Oct 15, 2020


Nov 6, 2020


Nov 13, 2020


Nov 15, 2020


Here we will publish speaker by speaker who will give you a goose bump moment at the opening ceremony on Friday. Contact us to become a speaker.

Dr. Ralf Gitzel

Local Sustainability Officer at ABB

"The Role of R&D in Climate Change Prevention"

Jonas Wagner

Project Manager Hydrogen Innovation Cluster

"Hydrogen as innovation driver and platform"

Tobias Augspurger

Founder of Protontypes

"Standing on the Shoulders of Giants - Independent and open technology gives us a real chance to reach global climate targets"


Here we will publish really cool jury members, one after each other. Contact us to become a jury member.

Lilli & Carsten

S-HUB Mannheim

Sonja Wilkens

Startup Consultant for Economic and Structural Development of the City of Mannheim


So that you have a contact person ready to answer questions on a wide variety of topics, we will put a battalion of mentors at your side. Find out more soon who you can expect here. Would you like to support yourself as a mentor? With pleasure, here you get more information - or you register directly via this form.

Jörg Osarek


Global High Speed Climate Hacking, IT Architecture, Mixed Reality and 3D-Animation

Fri 05:00 PM-07:00 PM, Sat 09:00 AM-01:00 PM, Sat 03:00 PM-07:00 PM

Tjark Döring


Mechanical Engineering, Open Source Hardware, Hydrogen

Fri 05:00 PM-09:00 PM, Sat 09:00 AM-11:00 AM, Sat 01:00 PM-09:00 PM

Tobias Augspurger


Business Model, Innovation, Open Source

Fri 03:00 PM-06:00 PM

Michael Binzen

DB Systel GmbH (Deutsche Bahn)

Railroad, Artificial Intelligence, Programming

Fri 05:00 PM-09:00 PM, Sat 09:00 AM-01:00 PM, Sat 05:00 PM-07:00 PM

Janett Fuhlrott

SAP Schweiz AG

Team Building, Pitch Training

Fri 03:00 PM-06:00 PM, Sat 07:00 PM-08:00 PM



Make a difference, with your sponsoring you support promising projects or even startups which aim to save our planet – what else could you wish for? Not enough, as you wish, here some more arguments for you: You are mentioned at the event and on social media. Establish your company as a relevant and sustainable tech player in the dynamic coding community. And beside that you can provide your own challenge and prize depending on the sponsoring package of your choice. Benefit from the inventiveness of the teams working on your challenge. Act now and contact us!

It is difficult to establish a clear and quantifiable criterion as to which sustainability criteria a sponsor must meet. Therefore, we will review different sources to get an idea of how sustainable a sponsor is. These criteria include: The last sustainability report, ISO-50001 certification, published climate indicators such as the X-Degree-Compatibility (XDC), rating in the CDP Climate Scoring etc., are all relevant criteria. If we have the impression that a sponsor does not meet our sustainability expectations, we can reject the sponsor.


You can’t support us financially? No problem, help us to promote the event, become a network and media partner or support us with an immaterial contribution like mentors for the teams, etc. Contact us!

Climate Protection Agency Mannheim gGmbH

Sustainability Partner

S-HUB Mannheim

The incubator in Mannheim for Social Entre- & Intrapreneurship✨🚀

Orga Team

Such a hackathon really needs a lot of helpers, you can identify yourself with our vision and want to support the climathon? Awesome, we can still use a lot of support. Contact us right now!

Konstantin Heine

Hackerstolz e.V.

He keeps an overview and above all calm. Experienced in partner management.

Caroline Golly

Cimate Protection Agency Mannheim gGmbH

She supports many environmental projects, knows a lot of useful details and is bubbling over with ideas.

Nicolas Vierling

City of Mannheim

The mouthpiece between city, KIC and project team. He gets stuff done and is the city’s manpower plant.

Georg Pins

City of Mannheim

Our backbone of the city with the tasks of networking the most important parties and ensuring the necessary support of the city for the entire project.

Sascha Ulbrich

Hackerstolz e.V.

He is king of organizing, making the plans and providing structural progress.

Jascha A. Quintern

Hackerstolz e.V.

Beside organizing he creates the event experience, pushes the location concepts and creates the hackathon identity.

Agnes Schönfelder

City of Mannheim

Cooperation and communication are particularly close to her heart, both in local, regional and international networks.